Fire Detection - Products
We offer the most comprehensive range of products and services for fire detection.
  • Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems - differ from conventional systems in a number of ways and certainly add more flexibility, intelligence, speed of identification and scope of control. For this reason Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are the natural choice for Commercial premises and more complex system requirements.
  • Wireless fire alarms and smoke systems - our radio based Wire-Free systems provide a number of unique features that make them an ideal alternative to wired systems for many applications.
  • HSSD Systems - Aspirating smoke alarm detection systems can detect smoke at vastly lower densities than ordinary smoke detectors. They draw air into the sensing chamber rather than sitting passively in the air stream. The built in intelligence and the ability to "learn" its environment means that while an aspirating system can detect smoke at much lower densities it is not prone to false alarms.
  • Water detection - using a water detection sensor or water detection wires installed in vulnerable areas a leak detection system will provide 24/7 early warning year in year out.

Kentec Leak Detection Unit
Kentec Syncro Adressable Fire Alarm Panel