Maintenance of Patek Philippe mechanical replica watches

1. It is best to wind up at a fixed time and wind up the foot at a time. The winding speed of the winding crown should be appropriate, and don't wind it too tightly, otherwise the spring will be easily stuck by the oil in the barrel. When the mainspring is relaxed, it is easily broken due to excessive elasticity.


2. It is best to remove the replica watches when playing a ball or hitting something with your hand. Watches are also afraid of flooding. Therefore, it is best to take off the watch when washing clothes, washing hands or doing other work in contact with water. If fog or water spots appear on the replica watch glass, it should be checked and repaired in time to wipe off the fog and water spots and dry the movement. But if there is only some fog, it will disappear by itself when the weather is dry.


3. It is forbidden to open the replica watch cover at will to prevent dust from falling into it; not to dial randomly, and send it to the watch shop for repair in time.


4. When the watch is not worn, do not put the replica watch on the radio, so as not to be magnetized by the magnet of the speaker and affect the travel time. Watches should not be put together with camphor, because camphor is an extremely volatile substance that easily solidifies the oil and loses its lubrication effect, which will damage the accuracy of the clock.


5. The watch glass of the watch is not high in hardness. Avoid rubbing with hard and sharp substances, avoid being corroded by high pressure, high heat and chemical reagents to avoid scratching or damage. If there are slight marks on the scratches, apply toothpaste on the flannel and rub it back and forth on the fake watches glass to clean the scratches. Remember not to rub with alcohol to prevent the watch glass from cracking due to the chemical action of alcohol.