Famous replica watches are generally mechanical watches

Most famous replica watches are marked as waterproof, such as 30M, 50M, 100M and so on. There are also parts that are not waterproof. Due to structural needs, some are waterproof and some are not waterproof. It does not mean that non-waterproof watches are not good watches. Many plastic fake watches with more than ten yuan on the market are also waterproof. Can they be regarded as famous watches? Obviously a waterproof watch means that it has been tested to be waterproof when it is produced, but there is no guarantee that it will be waterproof for a lifetime without maintenance. For example, many customers who bought a Piaget watch took a bath and occasionally felt that there was no water entering once or twice, but after a few times they found that the water entered, and the water entered was not treated in time. After a long time, it began to rust and went to the store. The goods are reported to be of poor quality and must be returned. On the other hand, any watch should not be worn to take sauna baths and hot baths, because after the rubber cushion shrinks, hot air enters the sealed capsule and cannot come out, causing the mist to not be treated in time, causing corrosion and rust. Watches Watches can only be worn under normal conditions.

Famous replica watches are generally mechanical replica watches. Mechanical watches rely on gears. We see how many diamonds are indicated on the watch. The number of diamonds does not mean how many diamonds the watch has, but how many gear shafts are used in the watch. Drill holes are generally replaced by artificial diamonds. Because artificial diamonds are resistant to wear, the more drill holes on the watch, the longer the life of the watch. However, the gears of the watch cannot be processed with hard materials such as diamonds. It can only be made of steel as the wheel shaft. The smaller the watch, the thinner the wheel shaft. The tens of thousands of revolutions per day are completely dependent on the tiny amount of the drill hole. Oil is used to reduce wear. Once the oil dries, the axles are in dry wear. After a few years, the life of this watch will come. Although the watch oils of famous replica watches are very high-end, because the amount is too small, it will definitely volatilize in a few years. After that, how long can a wheel shaft as thin as a hair wear? The structure of the previous watch is not as complicated as it is now, and it is made larger and the wheel shaft is relatively thick, so some customers say that my watch has not been maintained for ten years. Go, now the watch is getting smaller and smaller, and the price is dozens of times more expensive than before. I can’t hold the feeling that it is worse than before.

The appearance of famous replica watches is generally made of K gold, K platinum, and high-grade animal leather. Although the main raw material of K gold is gold, the sweat on human hands is acidic and the corrosion of air. Over time, it is far less beautiful than when it is new. This requires frequent cleaning and polishing to keep the watch fresh. If it is K platinum, the silver layer on the outside will wear out over a long period of time, and the gold inside will not be as white as before, so it also needs regular maintenance and plating in order to maintain the new. Not to mention the leather strap, the corrosion of sweat will make the belt harden and crack prematurely. Normal maintenance should avoid wearing a strap watch during sweaty and rainy periods. If the watch is made of steel as the shell strap, it is often polished and refurbished to better reflect its value.